You have no competition.

Nancy Radomin knew she was unique.

At a young age she embraced her entrepreneurial spirit by selling peanuts on the street corner! ✨

She became aware of an inequity in the fashion industry and she opened, at the time know as, a full figure boutique leveraging her passion, business spirit and fearlessness. 💕

She challenged society and an industry to think differently. 💯💯 She was a pioneer blazing a new trail for herself and the women she served.

Her story reminds us that each of us is unique. No one can compete with you when you are truly leading with authenticity.

So my friend, you have not competition. Are you interesting in leveraging your authenticity? Coaching with Ellen means breaking down the barriers and obstacles in your path, increasing your clarity, focus, performance and achieving the goals and level of success you desire! Interested? Let’s chat!

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